Nicola Parker, of Health and Herbs, in Morecambe, talks about the impact of a lazy thyroid.

A low constant energy without obvious cause can sometimes be attributed to a lazy thyroid.

Your thyroid is a gland in your neck, the one that swells as you swallow.

Its functions are very diverse because the hormones it produces regulate the metabolism of your cells.

If your thyroid is slow, your energy level and motivation will be low no matter how long you rest.

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) can be diagnosed by a blood test by your general practitioner. It is more common in women and usually occurs in the middle age, so that it is easily confused with menopause.

I am always upset when symptoms such as age or hormones are alleviated, because I feel it is indifferent.

When thyroid function is low, symptoms can range from energy loss to weight gain, through thick hair, memory loss, low mood, dry skin, low libido and constipation. .

These symptoms do not seem to be related and, since none of them seems to be particularly serious, it is very easy to ignore them and reject them. Because of this, many people struggle for years without knowing they have a problem.

Unfortunately, a blood test at your doctor does not always give answers.

Many people have what is known as subclinical hypothyroidism, which means that their thyroid levels are within normal limits but remain low enough to cause symptoms.

If this is the case, we can tell you that everything is normal and start to tackle all these problems according to age and / or hormones. If you find yourself doing this, do not do it.

Get a copy of your blood test results and discuss it with your general practitioner or herbalist, who can help you understand how normal your results are.

If you discover that you are in the low of the normal, you can do some things to help you.

Medications are only available to people who are not in the normal range, but there is nutritional and herbal support.

Visiting an herbalist is definitely an option because there are herbs that can help boost thyroid function.

Before working with herbs, I generally recommend a nutritional formula manufactured by Higher Nature, called Thyroid Support, because it is easy to buy over the counter.

He does exactly what he says on the box.

Recently, a lady came to pick us up a "pick me up".

It was more than a year since her energy was insufficient, which put her under the effect of stress and the recent appearance of menopause.

Her hair and skin were in worse shape than before and she had more energy needed to do everything that she had used to do during the day.

After further questions, I discovered that she became particularly sensitive to cold weather and had difficulty concentrating on complex tasks. She described it as having a brain wading in the mud.

She came for herbal help because she just wanted to feel normal again.

When I asked her if she was considering taking nutritional support for her thyroid, she agreed to try it for four weeks.

After this period, she came back to announce that her life had begun to improve gradually and subtly.

She was not running as though it was a stimulant, but she had the energy needed to clean the house, feel more fortunate at work and now wants to chat with her husband and play with the kids at night, rather than falling on the couch. .

She had found it normally.

If you are already taking medications to relieve your thyroid but find that it has not yet made you normal, nutritional support can still help you.

Selenium is a mineral that helps your body convert thyroxine into an active thyroid hormone.

This is particularly interesting if you need to increase your thyroid treatment but you still do not see any difference.

Since selenium levels in foods are low due to modern farming methods, it is therefore very common to have lower than normal levels.

Feeling vaguely tired, overweight, and misty head should not be ignored or considered age-related and menopausal.

You deserve to feel good, so explore the possible causes of these symptoms by talking to your doctor or visiting your herbalist.

Help is available, so do not need to let fat, fog and fatigue become your new normal.