Heriot-Watt’s coronavirus fears that the member of the “university community” will be tested

A member of the Heriot-Watt university community in Edinburgh is tested for coronavirus.

Those at the university confirmed that a person is currently being tested for the deadly virus, called Covid-19 by experts this week.

In a social media statement earlier tonight, they said, “A member of our university community on the Edinburgh campus is being tested for coronavirus. We are paying special attention to ensure the safety of the individual and the whole. campus community. As soon as the results are known, we will communicate again. “

The Daily Record was reported by our sister newspaper that the person being tested is a boy.

The university is kept open as usual and all members of the Heriot-Watt community are offered advice and support.

More than 140 people have so far been tested for coronavirus in Scotland, and all have come back negative.

The virus was declared a serious and imminent threat to the UK by health secretary Matt Hancock earlier this week. He said in a statement: “In accordance with Regulation 3, the Secretary of State declares that the incidence or transmission of the new Coronavirus constitutes a serious and imminent threat to public health”.


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