A heroin addict was jailed for setting off a fire that caused 5.6 million pounds of damage at Nottingham Station.

Gemma Peat went to the public toilet to smoke heroin and crack on January 12, 2018, and got rid of burning debris in a garbage bin.

The Nottingham Court of Appeal learned that the light had been drawn and that defects in the construction caused the flames to spread into a raging flame for 12 hours.

Peat recognized a arson after being filmed by surveillance cameras leaving women's washroom shortly before black smoke began to come out of the entrance.

The 34-year-old was jailed on Tuesday and sentenced to two years and one month in prison.

Justice Gregory Dickinson QC told him, "This offense is a consequence of addiction. Your reason for going to the bathroom was to smoke heroin and crack.

"At one point, you deliberately scrapped burning debris in a sanitary bin in the cabin.

"The trash should be burning when you left. You should have known about it, but you may not have done it in your drugged state. The damages in this case were, in appropriate terms, massive. "

The judge said Peat had endangered the safety of firefighters, station staff and the public.

"It was a stupid and dangerous thing to do," he added.

"However, it is important to establish that this fire was fired recklessly – without thinking, but not deliberately."

Peat's defense attorney, Adrian Langdale, said she was "heavily intoxicated" before the incident.

"She had managed to get more drugs and she was looking for a hot, dry place to take them," he told the court.

"In the next 30 minutes, she took these drugs – heroin and crack.A naked flame must be introduced to take them both.

"It is likely that she threw away the materials that she used and disposed of them in the only way that she could have done it – in a hygienic box in a corner."

A firefighter walks towards the station during the fire of January 2018 (PA)

Prosecutors said the firefighters had been called shortly before 6:30 to attack the first fire, but had found that it had stretched to the ceiling.

"The wall that supported the public restroom should have had a compartment that would have contained the fire for 60 minutes, but it did not extend to the metal roof," said prosecutor Grace Hale. . "There was a space that allowed the rapid spread of fire."

The fire closed the train station, several surrounding roads and a tram line.

More than 100 firefighters were mobilized to fight the fire, which spread to the resort's "bridge" due to defects due to a renovation in 2014.

The court learned that the builders had "cut corners" after gluing the wall supporting the toilet block with a highly flammable polystyrene foot after realizing that the ceiling was erratic.

The judge said that clearer rules should have been put in place regarding the alarm and that increased attention should have been given to fire prevention.

"People who smoke drugs sometimes use toilets in public places like railway stations. It's a sad fact but it's true, "he added.

Gem Peat, 34, was jailed for setting off the fire by accident (British Transport Police)

"It seems to me that those responsible should be aware of it."

Peat, from Wilford Crescent to Nottingham, had previously committed 108 different offenses, including shoplifting, knife possession and the assault of emergency workers.

After being arrested, she tried to deflect the blame by suggesting the presence of other drug addicts.

Detective Sergeant Shanie Erwin, of the British Transport Police, praised the "heroic" actions of the emergency services and railway personnel who prevented anyone from being hurt.

"It was an incredibly complex investigation, which took several months of painstaking investigation before it could be brought to court," he added.

"Frustrated, the fire caused catastrophic damage to the station's CCTV systems, but we were able to recover this vital evidence through a state-of-the-art digital investigation process."

Network Rail said it had "learned the lessons" from the fire, filled the void and replaced non-fireproof materials.

"The fire has led to the delivery of a significant package of station construction fabric improvements that we are now implementing in partnership with East Midlands Trains," added a spokesperson.

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