THIS is the side-splitting moment when a man pushes a child to hit a shot during a football game for children.
The hilarious images – which can be seen almost four million times on Twitter alone – show how children play football in a park.
This is the funny moment that a man pushed a child to save a shot during a kid's soccer game. A team breaks off the field when people cheer.
And the poor, small goalkeeper looks frozen to the spot when the opponents reach the goal.
But from scratch, a father decides – the ultimate pushy parent & # 39; – act alongside the post.
He leans incredibly forward and pushes the goalkeeper to the ground, his body unintentionally blocking the shot – only when the ball shoots to an opponent who scores on the rebound, causing an incredible reaction from the man.
The goalkeeper saves the ball while falling to the ground. Unfortunately, the ball rebounds right on the path of an opponent. He does not seem to delight the air – but in anger!
The viral video has attracted attention from all over the world, with some funny comments in it.
One wrote: "Great savings, shame about the rebound."
Another said: "Just attach a broomstick and make him a human Subbuteo keeper!"
One wrote: "Number 8 did not have the right to try his luck from there!"
Another addition: "Maybe it would have been held, father is raging."
Dad goes viral after hurling his young target whiz in a hilarious way to save a shot
It is not known when the video was shot or filmed.
But if the reaction to social media is something that passes, it will be remembered for a long time.
Great rescue, shame about the rebound-john lousvet (@ lousvet87) November 8, 2018

Hahahahaha great & # 39; coaching & # 39; – Superfan Matty 🚌 (SuperfanMicky) November 8, 2018

No, I would have given him the follow-up. Gary (@ g4ryw) 8 November 2018


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