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media labelingHillary Clinton says Meghan's treatment was "heartbreaking and wrong".

Hillary Clinton has said she wants to hug the Duchess of Sussex and "tell her to stick there" because she is being treated "racist."

The former US presidential candidate said that the way Meghan has been treated in the last three years is "heartbreaking and wrong".

Meghan and the Duke of Sussex have commented on the pressure they felt through media observation.

Ms. Clinton said the Duchess "deserves much better".

The former First Lady and her daughter Chelsea spoke with Emma Barnett of BBC Radio 5 Live during a visit to London to promote their new book about women who inspire them.

Barnett asked the couple to publicly comment on Meghan's "contested" time, citing two legal cases the Duke and Duchess had instituted against newspapers.

The Duchess is suing the post office on Sunday after she claims the newspaper has published a private letter to her father. Chop.

The cases were initiated just before the royal couple described the pressure of intense media review in an ITV documentary.

Chelsea Clinton said, "We all have to do what we think is right, and in their case, I would think so for their son, and if we go against the Post on Sunday, that's it." […] she has to do that. "

"I absolutely believe that what is going on here has a racist and a sexist element," she added.

Hillary Clinton said "race is clearly an element" in some of the social media Meghan has faced since the beginning of her relationship with the prince in 2016.

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Meghan talked about the pressure of intensive media observation

"To think that some of your media – as we would call it mainstream – actually allowed them to print or expand on their pages was heartbreaking and wrong," said Ms. Clinton.

"She is an amazing young woman, she has an incredible life story, she has stood up for herself, she has made her own way in the world, and then she falls in love, and he falls in love with her, and everyone should celebrate it because it's a true love story, "she added.

"I feel like a mother, I just want to put my arms around her, oh my god, I want to hug her, I want to tell her to stick to it, do not let those bad guys get you down."

Ms. Clinton said the Duchess might find it easier to cope with pressure when she learned "techniques," such as "some humor, some distraction."

"But it's difficult what she's going through, and I think she deserves it a lot better," she added.

In the same interview, Ms. Clinton criticized the British government for not publishing a report on Russia's alleged involvement in British politics before the parliamentary elections on December 12.

Chelsea Clinton, the only child of Hillary Clinton and former US President Bill Clinton, is a gender equality writer and activist. She is also Vice Chair of the charitable organization Clinton Foundation.