A former teacher at a Hoddesdon school was banned from teaching for an indefinite period after being found to have maintained inappropriate relationships with at least three students, heard a meeting of the committee on professional conduct.

Steven Balaam was fired as a science teacher at the Robert Barclay Academy on September 21, 2017 after admitting he had gone to school while he was under the influence of L & R. Alcohol and student messaging on Facebook.

Mr. Balaam wrote messages to a student saying, "What are you doing, call me when no one talks about x" and " [sic] gift to you foever [sic] coz i think the world of you xx "he was revealed.

He had also bought Christmas gifts for two students.

A meeting of the Teaching Regulatory Agency's Professional Conduct Committee, held last October, revealed that Mr. Balaam had demonstrated a lack of integrity by removing messages he had exchanged with students.

The panel also agreed that he had shown a lack of integrity by not signaling contact with the students at the first opportunity, having denied his behavior in December 2016, after being interviewed by the school headmaster.

As a result of concerns about his contact with students in the fall of 2016 and after other teachers had declared that he had gone to school while that was not the case. he was under the influence of alcohol in December 2016, Mr Balaam first denied the charges.

However, eight days after being questioned on the phone by the school principal on December 31, Mr. Balaam sent an email to the director to confirm that he had had contact with the students and deleted Facebook messages exchanged.

He later admitted to being arranged to meet students outside of school and to have a student come home late at night.

On this point, Mr. Balaam claimed to have met the student by chance outside school hours and to have accompanied her home, which the panel acknowledged to have perhaps been the case.

Overall, however, the panel observed that "the details found proved that Mr. Balaam had crossed professional boundaries with students to such an extent that relationships had become inappropriate and that this could only be interpreted in the following terms. the most serious ones ".

According to a decision of the Secretary of State for Education, Balaam is forbidden to teach indefinitely and can not teach at any school, college or high school, youth housing or children's home in England.

He was given a minimum of two years before he could apply for withdrawal of the prohibition order, November 5, 2021.