Hollywood infects: because filmmakers love diseases

WWhen the world is in a pandemic, the last place you want to go to sit is in the center row of the largest and fullest auditorium in your local multiplex. This, one might think, is the optimal breeding ground for any self-respecting disease. The germs will bounce back into the lobby, through the air conditioning, from the popcorn tubs and into the fabric of the seats themselves. Each cough or splash of another spectator provokes mini paroxysms of anxiety.

It is therefore not surprising that according to the commercial paper Variety, 70,000 cinemas in China are currently closed among reports of coronavirus infections worldwide. Beijing’s scheduled stop on the advertising tour for the new James Bond movie There is no time to die it has already been canceled, well in advance of the film’s April release. Hong Kong Filmart, one of the most important events of the film industry to bring together Asian and Western producers and distributors, has been postponed from its usual date of March to August.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, this week’s Berlin Film Festival continues, but the festival guests are given full information on the procedures to follow in case of cases and how to get to the Institute of Virology in Berlin.


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