HoloNetz short messages week 41/2020 – Jedi library

After a turbulent week of news, there isn’t much left for the short messages, but we have put together the usual news for you. Look forward to new variant covers, drawings and videos Star Wars Kids. Have fun while reading!

Highlights of the week

In the course of the NYCC there was some information and announcements this week The High Republic and a publishing panel from Lucasfilm.

To Star Wars: Squadrons a short story about the pilots Keo and Frisk of the Vanguard squadron has been published.

Panini has had some new comic book covers and Marvel has announced the comic program for January 2021.

Details of the 40 short stories in From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back and to Galaxy’s Edge-Special Edition of Myths & Fables, now available in stores, released.

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