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It is a multiplatform communication medium that belongs to Public Broadcasting System of Mexico City.

An innovative public space with original content integrated with new technologies, with access for everyone,

with the aim of building a more equitable society with solid civic, cultural and social value.

A public medium that seeks to contribute to the transformation that society has proposed. Communication for peace,

social change, freedom and equality.

He Heart of the Capital.


Produce and transmit through the Internet portal and broadcast signal, programs,

information and news in the cultural, political, economic and social fields of interest to the inhabitants

and visitors from Mexico City.


Being a space for plural expression that promotes democratic culture, freedom of expression and the right to information,

through the active and direct participation of citizens in television and radio programming, as well as in the generation

of contents that reflect the ideological plurality of the city in equal circumstances for men and women, promoting

respect for human rights, allowing citizens to freely express their opinion.


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