This is the moment when we can see smoke coming out of a laundry room after the flames have taken over the building.

A number of residents living near Impressed Laundry, Elliott Street in Tyldesley, were evacuated from their homes after the fire that broke out.

Fire crews were called to a fire in a large commercial building at 6:47 am this morning.

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The teams use breathing apparatus and jets to fight the fire.

People living near the building are advised to keep their doors and windows closed.

Firefighters attack the fire at Impressed Laundry, Tyldesley.

A video clip taken from the scene shows a large cloud of smoke coming out of the building, visible from the neighboring back gardens.

Firefighters and rescue services in Greater Manchester said: "Firefighters from across Greater Manchester have been mobilized for an incident involving a large commercial space located at Common Lane, Tyldsley at 6:57 am on September 13, 2019.

You can see a big cloud of smoke escaping places.

"A number of local residents were evacuated while firefighters were using a respirator and jets to fight the fire.A team is also putting water on the brazier using a hydraulic platform. An ultra-high pressure lance is also used.

"Those involved in the incident are urged to keep doors and windows closed and to avoid places to allow our team to work."

A number of firefighter teams are on the scene.

A statement from the Wigan Council said: "New alert: the fire department is dealing with an incident at Impressed Laundry in Tyldesley.

"Nearby residents are evacuated from their homes as a precaution, and for those traveling in the area, some roads have been closed."