Honduras exceeds 163,000 covid-19 infections and the deaths total 3,965

This content was published on February 19, 2021 – 04:34

Tegucigalpa, Feb 18 (EFE) .- Honduras on Thursday exceeded 163,000 covid-19 infections in the 11-month pandemic, while the deaths already total 3,965, reported the state National Risk Management System (Sinager).

The agency said in a statement that of 2,732 laboratory tests, 721 were positive, with which the cases of infections rose to 163,305 since March 2020.

The Sinager also indicated that this Thursday 32 new deaths were confirmed, “corresponding to several days” by covid-19, which have left the statistic at 3,965.

In addition, 1,042 Hondurans are hospitalized for having contracted the deadly disease, of which 612 have a stable clinical picture, 379 are seriously ill and 51 are in intensive care units.

According to the Sinager, this Thursday 303 new recovered patients were also registered, with which there are already 63,921 who have been saved from dying by covid-19, which has been the worst health misfortune that Honduras has suffered, than in November 2020 it also suffered severe damage from tropical storms Eta and Iota.

Medical sources from public and private hospitals, as well as directors of the Honduran Funeral Association assure that the death and contagion figures provided by the Sinager are not real, because many of the cases have not been registered by the health agency since the pandemic began.

The deaths and infections are much more than the Sinager reports, according to the same sources.

The Central American country has had a high incidence of deaths and infections with covid-19 in January and February 2021, which is reflected in the daily reports of the Sinager, which until this year has been able to process more than 3,000 daily tests.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the doctors who are at the forefront of the pandemic in public and private hospitals indicated that the country needed to process at least 3,000 tests a day to get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the health problem facing Honduras.

Given the high incidence of covid-19, various sectors continue to demand that the Government expedite the arrival of vaccines against covid-19, which in principle it was announced that they would be in the country in the second half of February.

The version of the Government differs with a report from the World and Pan American Health Organizations (WHO / PAHO), in the sense that the first drugs, free, would be arriving towards the end of March.

In addition, 1.4 million vaccines, purchased by the Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS), will arrive between April and May, according to sources from the same agency.

The general coordinator of the Government, Carlos Madero, reiterated today that “the first batch of vaccines that arrives in the country will be to exclusively immunize health personnel who are on the front line against covid-19.”

“The vaccines managed by the Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS) and the Ministry of Health will be to immunize all health personnel in the country with the aim of safeguarding their lives,” said Madero.

The senior official referred again to the issue of vaccines, after some sectors are affirming that the Government intends to appropriate the vaccines that the IHSS has acquired.

“Any vaccine that comes, regardless of whether the health personnel are insured or not, or under whatever mechanism the vaccine is being acquired, will be immunized. For our Government this is a priority,” Madero stressed. EFE

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