Hong Kong Democratic Activist Asylum in Britain Revealed “Recognized” | Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong democracy activist Nathan Law revealed on Twitter that he had been granted asylum in the British government last December.

Mr. Luo was one of the leaders of the 2014 large-scale protest “Umbrella Movement”, and even after moving to the United Kingdom in opposition to the Hong Kong National Security Law that came into effect at the end of June last year, We have continued to appeal for support for the democratization movement in Hong Kong.

In response, Hong Kong investigative authorities reportedly wanted Mr. Lu on suspicion of violating the Hong Kong National Security Law, which caused harm to the nation in collusion with foreign powers.

The British government has indicated that it will accept special visa applications for people born in Hong Kong before being returned to China from January, and will accept citizens leaving Hong Kong. The government is strongly opposed to interfering with domestic affairs.

Under these circumstances, the British government’s recognition of the asylum of a prominent democratic activist reiterates its position to take a decisive response to China over the issue of Hong Kong.


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