Hong Kong Royal Auction of Ancient Coins in the United Kingdom

Hong Kong Royal Auction of Ancient Coins UK-Taiwan Foreign Exchange Margin Account Opening

Peng Huainan scans the book published by the central bank governor Yang Jinlong and Lai Shibao suspect that someone is making advance arrangements for the next president

Many legislators were concerned about the central bank’s board members criticizing the policy, and they believed whether there was a problem with the central bank’s internal communication. Kuomintang member Lai Shibao pointed out that the two current directors did not express their views within the central bank but fired them privately. It was obviously “Xiang Zhuang dance sword, intended to Yang Gong (referring to central bank president Yang Jinlong)”, especially vice president Chen Nanguang even more openly and supportively. Have you made advance arrangements for taking over as president? There are even voices in the financial circle that the central bank president is likely to be taken over by Vice President Chen Nanguang in two years. Yang Jinlong responded that from serving as the director of the business bureau to the vice president and president, he never wanted to make a layout for this position. And never…

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Foreign exchange account opening
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