Horde and Alliance cooperating in World of Warcraft dungeons? Blizzard has considered it

Within the video game world, few rivalries have the same story and emphasis as World of Warcraft. Unlike antagonisms like between FIFA Y PES The Call of Duty Y Battlefield, MOBA presents a dichotomy in-game enter here alliance and the Horde, the two factions that make up the great universe created by Blizzard. Thus, for several decades we have experienced an epic of antagonisms that have even managed to transcend the game itself, turning into struggles between entire communities that, properly speaking, take the work as a full-role video game.

Therefore, thus far, the developer has not integrated the possibility that characters from opposite sides cooperate, being that they cannot do more than kill themselves or communicate vaguely. However, according to Ion Hazzikostas, director of the MMO, the team has considered it, coming to discuss about it on multiple occasions -via PC Gamer-. “This is something we’ve talked about a great deal. We know this is a very real problem, particularly at the highest level of raiding and the Mythic + dungeon scene.“he noted, referring to the clear differences between the Horde and the Alliance in terms of clans available to access high-level dungeons.

Even so, Hazzikostas He admits that identity is very important to them, and that they must take care of it since it is something very precious that has developed over the years. However, he added: “Honestly, I would never say. That is what I wanted to get to with my answer above. There are tons of reasons why maintaining faction identity is essential … In an ideal world, all of these priorities would coexist but, at the end of the day, in an MMO like World of Warcraft, it’s all about being able to play with your friends, being able to play wherever you want to be, and it can be argued that you feel more identity with a faction if you feel that you can truly choose the one with which you feel more identified, the one with which you feel more part, and not having to sacrifice that because you need to be in a group or want to join a higher level clan“.

I have colleagues who are lifelong Alliance players who now play Horde but really wish they could be Alliance, but they do so for clan reasons. I know there are hundreds of thousands, maybe more, who are in the same boat throughout the world. We would love to do something for them.“He declared. Therefore, in the future, members of the Alliance and Horde may cooperate within World of Warcraft, which would be an unprecedented milestone in the history of the video game.

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