Hot, humid Wednesday with a low probability of rain

The weather report indicates that the weather will be warm to hot, with partly cloudy skies and variable winds.

Some rainfall is expected to the north of the Eastern and Western Region, but this condition would improve over the course of the day.

For the rest of the country, the probability of rain remains low.

The Directorate of Meteorology also reports that temperatures will increase from this Wednesday until the weekend, while the high humidity content will generate more discomfort during these days.

For Asunción and the metropolitan area a maximum of 31 ° C is expected, as well as for the North.

In the South and East temperatures of 30 ° C are expected and in the Paraguayan Chaco it is estimated that the maximum will reach 32 ° C.

Similar weather conditions are expected for the next few days, with prevailing winds from the northeast.


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