Hot weather in Neuquén: Mostly clear Saturday

The report of weather in Neuquen, according to Interjurisdictional Watershed Authority (AIC), for this Saturday, October 17 the temperature it remains very similar in relation to Friday. Also, the skies will be mostly clear although some clouds may appear in the afternoon and at night.

The service indicated that there is a 0 percent probability of rain for the morning, but in the afternoon there is a probability of rainfall between 10% and 40%; for the night those probabilities decrease 0% -10%. The AIC forecasts that Neuquén will have “clear skies” in the morning, and some clouds during the afternoon and night.

In this sense, the weather this Thursday is forecast as hot as yesterday. Regarding sunrise, it was at 06:42 and it will be dark at 19:54. The AIC forecast that the morning will be clear, with a 0 percent chance of rain. Temperature Minimum for this Saturday will be 6 degrees Celsius, and the maximum record that would be reached this day would be 34 degrees Celsius.

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Weather in Neuquén for the afternoon and evening

For the afternoon of this Saturday, the Neuquén skies will begin to cloud. The temperature will rise and peak at 34 degrees Celsius. Similarly, Neuquen expect the winds from the northwest sector that will reach a maximum speed of up to 29 kilometers per hour.

At nightfall, Neuquen will have a drop in temperature that would reach 12 degrees Celsius. In relation to the winds, they will begin to be moderate with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, and gusts of up to 48 km / h. At the end of this Saturday, with the unstable sky, rains could occur over the provincial territory.

For the publication of this note, with a weather update at 8:00 a.m., Neuquén had a temperature of 16.2 degrees Celsius, a humidity of 52 percent and clear skies.

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