Hot weather with north winds for this Tuesday

The day of this Tuesday will be presented with a warm climate in the first hours and it will become hotter in the afternoon throughout the national territory, according to the report of the Directorate of Meteorology.

The sky will be partially cloudy and north winds are expected and then variable, in addition to a humidity of 72% in the environment.

According to the report, scattered rainfall is forecast at the end of the day in various parts of the country.

The maximum temperature for Asunción and the metropolitan area will reach 34ºC and in the North it would reach 36ºC.

For the South and East, a maximum of 31ºC and 33ºC, respectively, is expected. While for the Paraguayan Chaco the temperature is expected to reach 36ºC.

According to the extended forecast, in the next few days a cold front would be approaching the country, causing rains that initially would occur in the south of the Eastern Region and west of the Chaco, and then cover the other departments.

As of Wednesday, the winds would rotate to the southern sector accompanied by a drop in temperatures.

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