hoteliers lower prices by 30%

Hoteliers of MallorcaIn view of the plummeting fall in occupancy as of next Monday 12, they are making all kinds of offers and discounts in the issuing markets, which reach 30%, to attract European tourists until the end of April and thus be able to maintain , minimal activity in the establishments that are operating.

The hotel chains, which are the ones that have the most offer open in the current circumstances, they are the most likely to use all online marketing channels to encourage the sale of the largest number of reservations to the Island during the next three weeks. The online platforms are the most active at the moment, as well as the web pages of the Majorcan chains to achieve the largest number of direct reservations in Germany and other European countries, despite the requirements and health controls that are required by the pandemic.

Tour operators and airlines They point out that “although the flight figures that we have registered since the end of March and throughout Holy Week cannot be compared, the truth is that we are going to keep the largest number of operational flights despite falling demand for as long as possible.”

The German tourist groups FTI, TUI, Schauinsland, DER Touristik and Alltours recognize that the situation is very complex “because as of Monday the downturn is spectacular at the end of the school holidays in Germany, but the offers that are made will encourage trips to Mallorca , although to a lesser extent than those recorded in the last ten days.

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Son Sant Joan

The Palma airport, after the volume of traffic registered during Holy Week, will not see a decrease in the number of flights from abroad to Mallorca next week.

Thus, the planned schedule for next week, between 12 and 18, it indicates that the airport will have a movement of more than 1,200 airplanes (round trip), most of them with origin and destination from Germany.

Flights from other countries, in the case of Sweden, Austria and Switzerland, will be marked by the restrictions that are imposed from next week at the European level due to the increase in infections.

In this sense, the tourism sector is awaiting the decision adopted by the German Government on the 12th, since infections have soared in most of the German regions and it is feared that Chancellor Angela Merkel will adopt more restrictive measures until early of May. Also, on the same Monday, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, will announce whether he maintains the openness to travel abroad as of May 17 or, where appropriate, further toughens anti-COVID measures.


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