Hoteliers on the Costa del Sol see an opportunity in the Covid vaccination in the United Kingdom

The employers’ association hoteliers on the Costa del Sol (Aehcos) considers that the “successful” campaign of frenet vaccination to Covid in the United Kingdom is “an opportunity” for fate in Málaga, but warns that “it must be accompanied by a good evolution” of the pandemic in Spain and, in particular, in Andalusia.

The hoteliers point out as “keys” the vaccination rate and the contagion control every 100,000 inhabitants in our country for the reactivation of British tourism, the main international source of travelers to the Costa del Sol.

Everything seems to indicate, according to Aehcos, that the measures that the British Government will order next April 12th will be based on a traffic light system whose variation will depend on the aforementioned vaccination and infection factors.

In this way, as of May 17, those who travel to countries in “green” will not have to quarantine upon their return to the United Kingdom, but in case of a territory in “yellow”, while those who have been in a destination in “red” must serve a period of isolation in ten days.

“The potential British demand we have it, the key for the summer to work is to achieve good results in the ‘June exams’, “said the group in a statement, which maintains that the increase in demand will allow the reactivation of air connectivity.

“Everything we do to avoid being perceived as a risky destination will result in the recovery of the British market, but everything happens to increase the rate of vaccination and lower the rate of contagion, there is no other “, argue the businessmen.

Likewise, they consider that they are “obliged to do all the necessary ‘lobbying'” through the central government so that in the short term Andalusia and Malaga airport in particular achieve a green corridor with the UK and so that in the medium term, the conditions on the movements of British citizens to Spain are “made more flexible”.

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The association emphasizes the importance of the United Kingdom for the Costa del Sol, which is reflected in that in 2019 three out of ten passengers arriving at Malaga airport were British.

Specifically, that year 2.93 million passengers came to Malaga from the United Kingdom, which represented an increase of 2.4% compared to the previous year and an accumulated growth of 24.7% compared to 2015, according to Aena data. In terms of accommodation, two out of three British hotel travelers staying in Andalusia during 2019 chose Malaga for their stay.

Regarding consequences of “brexit” on tourism, Aehcos indicates that “only a strong devaluation of the pound” could affect the sector, to the extent that “prices at the euro exchange rate would rise.”

On the other hand, he points out that the British economy has been, like others, “impacted by the covid crisis”, and it is therefore foreseeable that this will affect GDP and “generate distrust in the consumer.” However, hoteliers are hopeful that the British “are eager to resume their holidays after such a long time of confinement and travel restrictions “, so the recovery of the market for Andalusia depends” essentially “on the evolution of the pandemic being effectively controlled.


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