Altair will prepare a report on options for a range of new ways of providing housing and eliminating housing shortages as well as reducing the use of temporary housing for homeless households.

Cllr Ryan Fuller, Deputy Chairman and Executive Councilor for Housing and Planning, said: "It has been reported nationwide that we have a bad housing market. As a result, local governments struggle with spiraling house prices and expensive and unstable rents to deliver the right amount and mix of housing that their communities need.

"The availability and affordability of housing today is one of the biggest obstacles to social progress in the country."

He said, "I am determined that HDC will address this in Huntingdonshire, and considering housing models will allow us to directly influence and address the needs of our community."

Already advising other councils, housing associations and developers, Altair will work closely with Huntingdonshire employees and councilors to achieve their long-term goals.

Its report identifies the most appropriate housing models for the granting authority and the type of housing available.

The move was made by an initiative of the Local Government Association, which finances independent housing consultants, and the connection costs nothing to the council.

Cllr Fuller said, "There are, potentially, several benefits to creating new housing provision measures, especially those designed to meet the needs of Huntingdonshire residents.

"The new Affordable Houses Program initiative provides significant opportunities for local governments and housing associations across the country to now have access to support for building additional housing and rental rates that may be more affordable to local people."

He added, "We should therefore ensure that Huntingdonshire is at the forefront of renting and buying truly affordable homes for our residents."