“Houston (Barça), we have a problem!”

If only it was a problem … No, They are many. And structural, which translates into a situation of difficult solution in the short term. Koeman He has a daunting task ahead of him, even knowing that this season could be (and will be …) a whole journey through the desert. On the one hand, he is trying to build the Barça of the most immediate future. And on the other hand, what little remains of that glorious team that signed the best years in the club’s history falls to pieces.


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Hard reality

As much as it hurts, there is really only one and If the League ended today, Barça would not go to Europe next season for the first time in its history. Be careful, because the team has to urgently redirect the course if it does not want to put the entity in one of the biggest sporting failures since its founding now 121 years ago. It is no longer just a matter of winning the League, which, given what we have seen, seems like an unattainable utopia. The point is that Barça, yes or yes, has to be in the Champions League for the coming year.

After eight games played, Koeman’s pupils have lost more points than they have won: thirteen to eleven. To find a similar situation we have to travel to the first season of Frank Rijkaard (203-2004) at Barça, when that team under construction with Ronaldinho as leader he added twelve points in those same days. Just one more than now. Statistically, and with the numbers in hand, Barça had not exhibited such a deplorable performance in the League since the start of 1987-88, when Núñez decided to dismiss Terry Venables and give command of the team to the yearned for Luis Aragones. That Barça had only added five points (then the victory was worth two) and was in the relegation zone to the Second Division.

There’s time

The only consolation that the Barça fans could find in the current circumstances is that there is a whole world ahead and the serious sporting situation that the team is going through is reversible. But nevertheless, You will have to hurry because today, with the same games played, Atlético de Madrid has already scored nine points against Barça. It has not even been able to take advantage of the continuous setbacks of Real Madrid, which is also showing great fragility, a Barça that wants, but cannot, that is the truth, because it has an attitude, ambition too.

A team that cannot find Messi and a Messi that cannot find his team. We are witnessing, surely, the less decisive Messi of the last fifteen years. Almost nothing he tries works out for him. Neither the fouls, nor the dribbles, nor the shots, nor the passes … Yesterday he did not press either. Barça was used to living continuously from its magic and when the magic is over there is no one who is capable of making a difference.

It is true that last night Barça could perfectly tie with Atlético, also that they enjoyed very clear occasions, but I would be lying if I said they were superior. No. He sent because Atlético wanted it to be so, because the Simeone They feel like this, surprising against, running with spaces. By the way, the day came that Simeone beat Barça in the league. They had to spend eighteen gamess. As i said Tom Hanks in the movie: “Houston, we have a problem.” Barça, too.


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