How a traitor Skripal condemned himself to eternal seclusion in the UK

Skripal was left alone Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Abroad, they continue to try to revive the already forgotten story of the Mi-6 employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Britain claimed that he was allegedly poisoned by two Russian intelligence officers. Three years later, the Czech Republic decided to try to return this topic to the information agenda, stating that the very two men could be involved in the explosions in warehouses in the village of Vrbetitsa back in 2014.

Sergey Skripal’s niece Victoria reacted to these statements with humor. “We have only two people in the country. James Bond is just resting, “a relative of a British spy laughed while talking to KP Petersburg, commenting on the news.


As already reported by “KP”, Sergei Skripal was recruited by the British special services in 1995. Since this year, he has passed on secret information about Russia to Foggy Albion, for which, according to the investigation, he received about 100 thousand dollars. For this, the agent was arrested in Moscow in December 2004, and in 2006 he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for espionage. In 2010, the spy was pardoned and exchanged for Russian agents. Skripal moved to the UK and hoped that he was about to fulfill all his dreams.

Victoria Skripal told about the fate of her uncle Photo: REUTERS

– He was given money to buy a house, he also bought a car, received British citizenship, got a job, – Skripal’s niece Victoria, who until recently kept in touch with her uncle on the phone, shared with KP-Petersburg more than three months ago. – I was glad that I had gathered everyone under one roof, that my children and wife were with him. He invited everyone to visit him from Russia. All his aspirations began to come true. But only at first …

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Some of Sergei Skripal’s relatives remained in Russia – his own mother (after whose death he never called his relatives) and his niece Victoria with her children.

“I couldn’t go to Britain because I looked after his mother,” Victoria shares. – Soon, his daughter Julia decided to return to live in Russia: here she had her own apartment, a loved one. His wife, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, had been ill with cancer for a long time and knew that she would not live long. She already underwent chemotherapy in Great Britain, was in the same hospital in Salisbury. She died soon after. After her, Skripal’s son also left – he had cirrhosis of the liver. And Sergey was left alone in this house …


According to Skripal’s niece, the spy also had no friends in Great Britain, so he turned into a real recluse.

– He practically did not go anywhere, – Victoria sighs. – Well, he will go once every two or three weeks for groceries or go to the nearest store for milk, come out into the yard to breathe – that’s all. I missed, of course, Russia too. After all, he had relatives, friends, memories here.

Yulia Skripal lives separately from her father


One of the British journalists who visited Skripal before the Salisbury incident wrote about him: “sitting in his house and watching Russian Channel 1 …

“At first he called Russia, but then he stopped,” says Viktoria Skripal. – In public places, as well as in the information space, he now does not appear. I think even if he wanted to give an interview, as far as I understand, he is forbidden to do it, just like Yulia. In fact, both he and she were doomed to seclusion in Britain after the incident. If we assume that he is still alive (although there are doubts, due to the fact that he used to call every week, and now he has stopped altogether), then, as his daughter Yulia told me, he lives under the supervision of a medical worker.

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“Skripal is hidden and under constant control”

“I believe that it is hidden, I have no doubt about it,” explained to KP a veteran of the GRU special forces, retired Major General Alexander Chubarov. – His freedom of movement is only under control. I think that he hardly exists there without the chefs. They probably take care of him, or maybe he is already buried somewhere under different initials.


“Yulia Skripal received British citizenship and is waiting for money from the government”: The fate of the Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury has become known

The Skripals’ house will be sold, the new housing for the former intelligence officer and his daughter should be bought by the British government (details)


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