How and why Han Solo’s dice disappear in The Last Jedi

Han Solo’s dice mysteriously disappear at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This is how Luke Skywalker manifested them and why they disappeared.

During the final moments of Star Wars: The Last JediHan Solo’s dice appear and disappear from the Resistance base on Crait, though how or why they disappear to begin with is never fully explained. In an effort to protect the Resistance from the First Order, Luke Skywalker Force projects onto Crait to confront Kylo Ren. Before dueling his nephew, Luke meets Leia at the base where she and the surviving combatants are stationed. There, he gives Han Solo’s pair of gold dice.

While Han’s dice have a storied past in Star Wars history, the ability to project the Force through space is a relatively new addition to the movies. It existed in the now non-canonical stories of Star Wars Legends as a Jedi mind trick called the Dopplegänger or Similfuturus. Jedi create a second version of themselves that they can manifest to interact verbally and physically with other people and droids. In this way, Jedi can manipulate the impression that others have of their second self. This explains how Luke projects a more youthful image of himself to Leia and C-3PO and creates a dice illusion that feels real and can be handled by multiple people. This ability requires intense concentration, effort, and control on the part of the Jedi, so Luke can physically touch Leia while remaining impervious to First Order lasers and Kylo’s lightsaber.

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After Kylo Ren’s failed battle with Luke, he and his troops storm the newly abandoned base and find the dice. It is interesting to note that as Luke finishes his body projection and becomes one with the Force, the dice projection remains long enough for Kylo to pick them up and feel their impact. Han’s gold dice don’t immediately disappear because Luke is still exerting the rest of his energy to project them, even when he dies to fuse with the Force. This is your last chance to connect with Kylo and bring him back to the light by showing him tangible evidence of his father. The projection of the dice disappears because Luke is no longer there to manifest them.

The disappearance of Han’s dice also serves as a reminder to Leia and Kylo that Han is still with them. Although Luke, Leia, and Han don’t all appear together in the sequel trilogy, the dice represent their spiritual connection. It’s a beautiful moment for the siblings, as this is the last time they are together to honor Han’s memory. For Kylo, ​​the dice are Kylo’s personal reminder of the happiest and most innocent days of his childhood as Ben. Alone and from the father he killed. Jason Frye’s novel Star Wars: The Last Jedi Expanded Edition touches on Kylo’s involvement with Han’s dice. As a child, he was Han’s shadow, “carrying the Millennium Falcon dice… and promising anyone who would listen that some day he too would be a pilot, like his dad. ” The dice are the catalyst for Kylo to overcome his past resentments towards his father.

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The disappearance of the dice is so significant in Star Wars: The last jedi because it symbolizes that Han is still with Leia, Luke, and Kylo in spirit. It also points out exciting new developments in Force abilities that the movie’s audience hadn’t encountered before. It remains to be seen if projections of the Force will appear in new Star Wars movies and shows.

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