In April 2019 there will be a number of positive changes in people's pensions, both at state and additional levels. Those who will start withdrawing their pot have a lot to expect.

You may reach retirement age next year, or you may have passed retirement age and have decided to choose the New Year as your time to relax.

With the new changes in pensions from April 2019, many people are likely to consider moving their plans forward.

But how do you claim your state pension?

While many people think that your pension is automatically dissolved, this is not the case.

In fact, you must apply for your state pension yourself.

There are three ways to claim the basic state pension, regardless of where you live.

Government website says you can apply for your pension by phone.

You can download the state pension application form and send it to your local pension institution – you will find it on

If you are abroad, you can apply for a state pension if you have paid enough contributions to British National Insurance.

You can either contact the International Pension Center or send the international application form to the International Pension Center.

You must be within four months of receiving your statutory retirement age.

If you want to continue working as soon as you claim your state pension, this is also an option.

In April 2019, a number of changes will be made to the pension schemes.

According to what? Could the new pension contributions for state pension over a period of one year add up.

The current maximum pension for state pensions is £ 125.95 per week – but which one? have reported that this could rise to £ 129.20 by 6 April next year.

This is an increase of £ 3.25 a week – which would be worth an additional £ 169.

Although it is worth bearing in mind that you have paid or have been credited with contributions to national insurance for access to the state basic pension.

While the amount to which you are entitled in your full new state pension depends on your National Insurance Record, the full new state pension is currently £ 164.35 per week.

In April next year, which one? have reported that this limit will increase from £ 168.60, which is £ 4.25 more per week.