How do the repechage teams arrive on Covid and injury issues?

This is how the teams that will face the repechage for the MX League arrive with casualties due to injuries or because of the coronavirus

The playoff is days away and eight teams are looking for four places in the quarterfinals. However, there are clubs that do not have all their elements due to the losses they have due to injury or Covid-19 and that their performance could be affected due to such situations.

Then in ESPN Digital We review the casualties with which the eight institutions classified to the playoffs arrive:

On the side of Santos, they have two casualties due to injured players, and that is Bryan Lozano Y Ayrton Preciado they continue their recoveries after the injuries they sustained. In addition, said by the same strategist, Guillermo Almada, they could suffer casualties by Covid-19, although he did not specify the number of players he would not have. Later, a member asserted that they are two footballers.

On the part of Pachuca, Victor Guzman he just comes back from injury and they will have to see how they evolve. In addition, the Hidalgo have 11 positive players per Covid-19 in the absence of the results of the tests that were carried out this week. These include items such as Erick aguirre.

ESPN reported this Wednesday that also of the players who are in doubt are Oscar Ustari Y Gustavo Cabral.

Guadalajara will face the Rayos and from the beginning it will do it with suspended players, as they are Javier Eduardo ‘Chofis’ López, Jose Juan ‘Gallito’ Vázquez Y Alexis Pena. In the same way, it will not have Jose Juan Macías Y Alexis Vega for injuries. With this he adds five less players, in addition to Dieter Villalpando, who has already been separated.

On the side of Necaxa, strategist José Guadalupe Cruz has one of his archers killed, Sebastian Fassi for an injury. In addition, they only add a positive element to Covid-19, which is in isolation.

Tigres, who will be local this Sunday, have the drop of Javier Aquino, who hastened his recovery after a torn left rear thigh and they hope he can be against the Diablos.

On the part of the Mexicans, the only doubt was the defender Gastón Sauro; However, this Thursday he trained with the team and they hope he is ready for Sunday.

Both clubs have no casualties for Covid-19 Until now.

On the part of Rayados, Cesar Montes He will not be able to be with the team after a muscular overload that he suffered with the Mexican National Team. The ‘Cub’ hopes to be ready for Sunday’s game and from the technical direction they trust his recovery.

On the part of Puebla, strategist Juan Reynoso has a full squad to travel to the Sultana del Norte and face the current Liga MX champion.


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