Oh, Keanu. How we love you, how the world loves you. It was not always like that.

At the beginning of his career Keanu Reeves was considered a joke. That's because his taste has always gone wildly between safe bets and massive risks.

Keanu always wanted to stretch. Unfortunately, he sometimes pulls a muscle. Nevertheless, he always rebounded. Most stars would be happy to get a second bite of cherry after a flop series – Keanu has done it again and again and now, in 2019, he seems to have never been so popular.

So, how did he do that? Let's take a look at the story.

The range

At the beginning of his career, Keanu was first talked about. River bank It was only his second movie and he is a big part of why the movie is still remembered today. It's a brilliant performance that gave the actor an exciting dramatic presence.

Other indies followed, with his first studio role being a supportive, serious twist in Stephen Frears'. Dangerous romances. But it was not his biggest hit of the decade. It was a movie that showed that his charisma and sense of weird timing were too big to handle dramatic things.

Bill and Ted in hell in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Orion pictures

Bill & Ted's excellent adventure was like a cinematic viral meme that brought e-guitar mimes and excellent catchphrases to playgrounds around the world.

It should have made him a comedy star, but Keanu had not finished experimenting with the genre yet. In 1991, probably its peak, he added a significant new string to his air guitar Point break Mark his first push in (perfect) action. My own private Idaho was another example of his dramatic power, and Bill & Ted's wrong trip was not a fake sequel. All in all, this was a banner year for every performer. Which is good, because the following year was one of his worst.

Dracula by Bram Stoker. A lot of noise about nothing and Little Buddha Everything looked good on paper and Keanu collaborated with three of the best directors of his career. It's a shame none of them knew how to get the most out of the actor.

Keanu was joking, mocking at his attempt to put on a British accent, and the notion that he beat his weight became commonplace – surf types should not play Shakespeare. He became a talk show punchline.

The following year was not much better: another three films, two of them flops – Freaky (Directed by his Bill and Ted Buddy Alex Winter) and Even cowgirls get the blues (for Gus Van Sant) Both have lost money, both have the rating Rotten. Just Poetic justice This year, a film was screened in which Keanu had a non-credited "Homeless Man" performance.


It was clear that he needed a comeback, with his career on a serious downtrend. He did it by narrowing his focus, shooting only one movie in 1994 and turning one genre to the left. Luckily that was dice speed, one of the best action movies of all time. Keanu physically transformed himself by building and trimming his typical silk curls for the role, which seemed ideally tailored to his typically tight, dry delivery.


REX / c.MGM / Everett20th Century Fox

Amazingly, he pursued this success with another terrible year. Johnny Mnemonic and A walk in the clouds both were nominated for "worst actor" razzies, and they did not light the box office. He refused heat in 1995 and made chain reaction This would not prove to be the best decision.

Again, it looked like his career was in freefall. Now it was said he was wooden, stilted, a hot guy, with nothing to do.

Take the red pill

So he did The matrixthat we do not have to tell you about.

This boom-and-bust pattern seems to be constant for Keanu. Jump to 2013 and to Man of Tai Chi and 47 Ronin, The former was his (reasonably well-received) directorial debut, the latter being such a catastrophe that Universal went into the red for the year.

John Wick: Second Chapter

Warner Bros.

Back in crisis, right? Already next year he did John WickKeanu, who has created a franchise, has managed and managed an incredibly successful third installment and received some of the best reviews of his career.

This stubbornness – and the ability to constantly surprise – has probably contributed to his current resurgence. But there are many stubborn actors in the bargain markets of Hollywood. Keanu himself should not be underestimated. Whether he's going through a period of failure or success, the star has remained remarkably modest – he just seems to be a really thoughtful, nice guy. People want to do it well – audience and studios alike.

And he's more popular than ever in 2019 Jwithout Wick 3, a charming, self-sparing role in Netflix Always be my maybeand a supposedly outstanding turn Toy Story 4.

Of course, after the usual pattern we should worry about 2020. But with the positive humming around Bill & Ted face the music (expect a trailer soon), combined with a video game appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 – One of the similarities in Keanu's career is that he really loves cyberpunk – announces at the E3 to great excitement that hopefully he should be alright.

But even if both projects are terrible and fail terribly, we do not care.

We love Keanu. The world loves Keanu. And that will always be the case.

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