How many do you know about the Champions League in Ultimate Team? We put you to the test with this test

One more week, we test your memory again with a new test. And since the Champions League returned a couple of days ago, it’s a good time to talk about her and all the content she’s generated in Ultimate Team. But not only in FIFA 21, of course. As always, we have also prepared some “historical” questions.

It is not easy to achieve full successes at all. We like to put several very complicated questions to make it a really challenging challenge, in which even the big fans of the game mode can fail. But judge for yourself the difficulty of today’s test. Here it is.

What has been your result? Do you like these types of questions? You can leave your impressions in the comments, or write us on Twitter (@utaldia). And if you have not yet completed the objectives of the new free cards, here are the guides for Cucurella, Reinier and Fofana. All the best!

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