How tall is the Millennium Falcon? A Spanish designer compares the size of the most iconic science fiction spaceships on video

The 3D animation ranges from the miniaturized Serleena from ‘Man in Black’ to the monstrous Dyson Sphere from ‘Star Trek’,

The Spanish designer Álvaro Gracia Montoya captured in a video their calculations and comparisons about the size of spacecraft that have been most emblematic in science fiction filmography. ‘Star Wars’, ‘ET’ and ‘Star Trek’ are some of the works he analyzed.

Published on YouTube by Meta Ball Studios and with almost 10 million views so far, the video takes as a reference some real ships, among which are the SpaceX Dragon, with its 8.1 meters high, and the International Space Station , which is 109 meters wide.

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One of the smallest references is the Serleena ship, from ‘Man in Black’, with its 30 (+/- 20) centimeters high. Already with a substantial magnitude is the TIE Fighter from ‘Star Wars’, which rises to 7.5 meters high; then the ET Ship appears, from the movie ‘ET’, with its 24 (+/- 5) meters high. In terms of length, one of the smallest is the Millennium Falcon, from ‘Star Wars’, with 34.75 meters.

Thus, in the little more than 12 minutes that the video lasts, images of the different ships follow each other and you can see how they increase in size. For example, the USCSS Nostromo from ‘Alien’ reaches 334 meters in length, a size that is almost doubled by the Enterprise-D from ‘Star Trek’ at 642 meters.

Finally, the largest are mentioned, such as the Harvester Mothership from ‘Independence Day’, with 4,828 kilometers in diameter, although well above are Installation 00 from ‘Halo’, of 127,530 kilometers and, finally, the Dyson Sphere from ‘Star Trek’, whose diameter is 200,000,000 kilometers.

This is not the first video published by Gracia Montoya: in another previous production, he compared the size of asteroids with some iconic constructions on Earth, such as the Parisian Eiffel Tower.

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