How the weather will continue in CABA after the strong storms on Monday

After the heavy rains that were registered on Monday and according to the National Meteorological Service, as of today a noticeable drop in the thermal marks will begin (Télam)

After the heavy rains that were registered on Monday and as predicted by the National Meteorological Service, starting today a noticeable drop in the thermal marks will begin, more in line with the autumn of May for the City of Buenos Aires.

In order to today An aftermath of storms is expected during the early hours of the morning that will soon dissipate with the arrival of morning. From there little by little, the sun will appear behind the clouds. The predicted maximum is 20 ° and the minimum of 13 degrees with strong winds from the southeast.

On Wednesday With mostly cloudy skies and winds from the southeast sector throughout the day, it will start with the first cold temperatures. A low of 9 ° in the morning and close to 19 ° in the afternoon, fall is here to stay in the City.

Y Thursday, although somewhat cool, it will be the sunniest day of the week even in the presence of some clouds throughout the day. The minimum will be 18 ° and the minimum will reach 10 degrees with winds again from the southeast sector.

The last business day of the week will be mostly cloudy with winds from the southeast sector that will rotate to the east as the hours go by. The thermal marks will be between 18 and 9 degrees.

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The weekend will start with a Saturday cool with partially to mostly cloudy skies, ideal for enjoying the outdoors, even when the sun “warms” the day a bit. The expected maximum is 19 and the minimum of 11 degrees with winds from the northeast sector.

On Sunday It will have climatic conditions very similar to those of Saturday, although with a little more temperature because the sun will be present with more force. With winds from the north, the maximum will reach 22 ° and the minimum will be 14 degrees.

Autumn will say present in the City of Buenos Aires (Télam)
Autumn will say present in the City of Buenos Aires (Télam)

This prognosis coincides with that reported by the National Meteorological Service that maintained that in the presence of the phenomenon of “La Niña”, The cause of the main drought in the country, a warmer autumn with less rain was expected in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires.

The meteorologist of the SMN, Cindy Fernández, stated that the climatic phenomenon known as “La Niña” remains active in the region since last September and expected to continue at least until early April. Likewise, he detailed that “it is not that there will be drought with high temperatures, but that lower precipitation values ​​and temperatures above the normal average are expected for this time of year” in the region.

Fernández also indicated that the “La Niña” phenomenon favors warmer conditions in parts of northern and central Argentina and added that when a summer develops under this variable, “the temperatures are higher and the rains tend to be lower in Buenos Aires and in part of the Litoral.”


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