How to change iPhone language or region and what it means

What could changing the language do for you?

As we have mentioned, some services or applications that can be used in Apple are restricted to specific countries. This can be given by the different regulations that affect each of the nations, the most common case being the Apple News application. This is not activated in all countries so it cannot be enjoyed on all devices to be able to consult the different news from your favorite media.

This is where you can enter the fact that by changing the region of the mobile, it will interpret that it is in another country and therefore all the functions that are originally blocked will be unlocked. This is the utility of changing the region of the iPhone. Although, for some much more limited specific functions, use is made of the iPhone purchase region and even its location.

Although it is best to always have the location where you are living right now. In this way you will enjoy all the functions that correspond to your specific region and not that of others that do not really correspond to you. In the practical case of Apple News that we have discussed, it must be remembered that even if you run it, you will not be able to access national media.

In the case of speaking the language, the fact of making a change at the end lies in the comfort of each of the users. Although at the beginning we always choose the preferred language, this is not a decision that cannot be modified. If you are learning a new language such as English, you may be interested in setting it by default to have a larger vocabulary as you have to develop with this type of language in daily use of the iPhone.

So you can make a change on your iPhone

Changing the region and language is a process that applies instantly and can be done at any time during the life of the iPhone as many times as you need. To make the change you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the iPhone Settings.
  • Access the ‘General’ section.
  • Scroll down to ‘Language and region’.
  • In section ‘iPhone language’ you can choose from a wide list of languages.
  • In section ‘Region’ you will choose the country in which you want to have your device configured.
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change language region iphone

When you make this change, you will see a black fade in which you will not be able to manipulate the device. This state will last a few seconds and when it starts again it will be with the language or region that you have chosen.

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