how to enable picture in picture and which apps are supported

The arrival of iOS 14 has brought with it multitude of new features to Apple phone. Some of them (such as ‘mirroring’ or ‘mirroring’ selfies) we could already check during the beta, but most of them have become popular as a result of the official deployment of the new operating system.

Such is the case of the possibility to change the default email app and the option to customize the home page using icons and widgets. Now we are going to stop in Picture mode in Picture, a very useful function that has been around for a long time on Android and iPad, but that has reached the iPhone with iOS 14. Let’s see how to activate it and with what apps we can use it.

How to activate PiP mode on iPhone

Pip mode

Thanks to the Picture-in-Picture mode, we can run applications such as FaceTime or YouTube in a small window while continuing to use the iPhone with other applications. Ultimately, it’s about us have two apps open at the same time through a small window superimposed on the screen.

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Before using this practical function, we must check that we have it activated and, if not, do the same. To do this, just follow a few simple steps:

  • We enter the ‘Settings’ of the iPhone and select ‘General’.

  • We seek ‘Picture in picture’ and click on it.

  • We activate the option ‘Start PiP mode automatically’.

From there, when, for example, we are using FaceTime and we slide up to go home or use other apps, the call and video call will go to occupy a small floating window on top. We can also use the PiP button that in some apps -such as Apple TV- is to the right of the close button.

How to move the window and resize it

Pip ApplesferaPip Applesfera Imagen: Applesfera

Once we have the floating window, iOS 14 offers us the option to change its location moving it with your finger towards any of the four corners of the screen. In addition, we can move it to the left to hide it and, later, pull the tab to the right to restore it.

Another possibility is to modify the size of the window pinching with two fingers above it (zoom-in to enlarge or zoom-out to reduce it). There are three sizes, between which we can also toggle by double clicking on the playback window; thus, we will change from small to medium to large or vice versa.

Apps compatible with iOS 14 PiP mode

Pip Ios 14 AppsPip Ios 14 Apps

Apple has left in the hands of the developers of each app its adaptation to the PiP mode of iOS 14, so that the vast majority must be updated yet to support this new feature. And that’s where the problems start.

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Beyond native Apple applications -such as FaceTime, iTunes Store or Apple TV-, one of the most common uses that we give to this function is to watch a streaming video platform while we continue to use other applications. Netflix, Vimeo and Amazon Prime Video, for example, do already support this feature.

In the case of YouTube, for example, initially this role was reserved for premium version users, but it seems now is doing tests to enable it again in all accounts, free and paid, yes, not through your iOS app, but from the page opened in Safari. YouTube Music and most of the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter or TiKTok, among others) do not support PiP mode at the moment.

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