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All users want their mobile to be updated to the latest available version as soon as possible, in order to get more out of their smartphone with the best in the system and the new tools, but this is not always the case. This time it was Xiaomi’s turn, where the Mi Note 10 Lite problems have started to appear for everyone who has updated the mobile.

As usual, Xiaomi forums and social networks such as Twitter have become the place where users cry out to heaven before this situation. Some errors more serious than others, but all just as annoying. In some cases we will be able to find a solution to the problem, but in others we will only have to wait for a new security patch that will solve everything.

Android 11 brings the problems to the Mi Note 10 Lite

The cause of the ills of this smartphone has been the update that included Android 11, a heavy update that reached 2.3 GB and that corresponds to the MIUI version number. From the first moment, users have realized that things were not going well on their smartphone after updating it, encountering bugs that make it difficult to use the devices.

problema mi note 10 lite

For now, no statement from Xiaomi has been known, no new update is known to try to fix it. Therefore, we will only have to choose our tricks to solve it and hope that as soon as possible Xiaomi launches an update that solves these problems of the Mi Note 10 Lite, a mid-range that has been on the market for less than a year.

Notifications get mixed up

The main problema del Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite that appears, it is that the notifications with this update seem to be mixed and not allow to read them comfortably. This happens because MIUI 12 and Android 11 allow style changes in their devices and for some reason the Mi Note 10 Lite has not done well for the change. To fix it, what we would have to do is the following:

xiaomi notifications style

  • We enter Settings.
  • We select Notifications.
  • Then we choose the notification bar.
  • And finally we change the style between MIUI and Android to find the one that works best for us.
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WiFi disconnects itself

It is not the first time that we come across disconnections on Android WiFi and not next to MIUI. The errors with WiFi on Xiaomi They come from afar and although it can be difficult to solve, most of the time with resetting the settings everything returns to normal:

  • We access the Settings.
  • We enter the menu of Connection and share.
  • We choose the option to restart Wi-Fi.
  • Finally we touch on recovering factory settings confirming it later.

The mobile is slower

There are many changes that Android 11 implies for the mobile phone and that can cause performance to be affected. Although it will not have to happen, we have already seen on previous occasions the options to improve MIUI 12 in Xiaomi and make the lag not take over our mobile.

MIUI 12 performance

Battery does not reach 100%

Finally another curious problem that has appeared in this version of MIUI 12 for the Mi Note 10 Lite has to do with the battery. After upgrading the mobile is not able to charge completely and it stays at 98% in some cases. This may be preceded by a battery that is not well optimized for which we will have to do the following:

  • We let the mobile download completely.
  • We charge it to the maximum while it is off.
  • We also left him another 2 hours connected.
  • Now we will turn it back on and use it normally.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

February 10, 2021

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