How to fix the “Security still not working” error from Xiaomi and MIUI


What a scare thousands of users around the globe have taken with their smartphones from Xiaomi. Since late this afternoon, numerous clients of the brand have gone to the company’s support networks and forums asking for the message “Security still not working” that appears on their mobiles.

Just go through Twitter and look for this message to see how those who have a Chinese brand smartphone have come across this error message whose origin is not too clear. Apparently it is a MIUI 11 problem that MIUI 12 users have not gotten rid of either. Fortunately, your solution is quite simple.

“Security still doesn’t work” message on mobile

Specifically, the problem appears suddenly when users are using or not their mobile and it indicates the following:

Security still not working / Security keeps failing

Send bug report to MI for analysis? This report may contain personally identifiable information. Your report will be used to help fix this error and will not be shared in any business context.

Everything seems to indicate that it is a classic problem with an app and in this specific case the error is located in the Xiaomi security app that we use to manage phone permissions, check for errors in the system, or perform other important steps.

This problem is not that it is totally new because in the past users of several Redmi models have faced it and the most feasible solution is to delete all the stored data of this app from the mobile settings. To do this, enter the applications menu. select the security app and in the storage section, select delete data Y clear cache.

Another way to avoid the Xiaomi error that generates the message “Security still not working” is to keep your finger pressed for a few seconds on the icon of the security app and select Application information. Then, at the bottom of the screen, click on Clean Data and Uninstall updates from the «security» app.

error xiaomi

Although at the moment the origin of this error is not entirely clear, if you follow either of these two methods the problem of your Xiaomi should disappear and not repeat itself. We recommend restarting the phone after adjusting the settings so that the phone is completely free of configuration errors that may have caused this chaotic headache.

Written by Miguel Martinez

November 21, 2020

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