How to follow the debate of the elections of the FC Barcelona of Mundo Deportivo

The election campaign before the Barcelona Football Club elections it advances towards its last days. The Barça partners They will elect their new president, and for this reason, the face-to-face events that will be given between the candidates in the coming days acquire greater importance.

Elections FC Barcelona

One of the debates, marked in red, is the one that takes place this Monday February 22. In an event organized by Sports world, in addition to Stage 23, the Old Estrella Damm Factory of Barcelona It will be the venue for an expected face-to-face, since it will focus on economic issues.

The economic situation of Barcelona Soccer Club it has been one of the topics most discussed by presidential candidates during the electoral campaign. Therefore, on this occasion, Víctor Font, Toni Freixa and Jaume Giró, who is the henchman of Yeahn Laporta on the economic side, they will discuss current issues at Barça in this section.

The economic policy will be decisive in the future of the club, both in the short and long term. The candidates will confront different measures that will mark the future of the entity, such as the referents, beyond the current reality, to Barça space, to the sports center model or to the balance between the sporting and economic aspects of the Blaugrana entity.

It will therefore be a debate with a specific theme within the long calendar that the candidates are facing in recent days. In them, as well as in those that are marked on the calendar, they are talking about both the economic facet and the sports project, but in this meeting we intend to deepen on that first section.

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The event is sponsored by Estrella Damm and Frit Ravich. The performance of the candidates is expected to be decisive in the elections, since the economic situation of the Barcelona Soccer Club It is one of the issues that partners are most attentive to in this campaign.

When is Mundo Deportivo’s debate on the Barcelona elections?

The debate is taking place today, Monday February 22, between the 12.00 and 14.00

Where to see the Mundo Deportivo debate on the Barcelona elections?

The debate can be seen by streaming through the Sports World website. You can follow all the information about the debate and the Barcelona elections also on the web.

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