How to install iOS apps on Macs with Apple Silicon

How to install almost any iPhone or iPad application on a Mac with an M1 processor

A Reddit user has figured out how to install almost any iPhone or iPad app on a Mac with M1 processor. For this, it is necessary to have a copy of the app in the IPA file and it must be associated with an Apple ID.

What does this mean? You cannot simply download IPA files from other sources or share them with other users and install them on the Mac. To extract an app from the iPhone or iPad you have to use the iMazing application, from where you can directly download the IPA files from your mobile device.

The process to install this IPA on the MacBook with M1 chip is as follows:

  1. Run iMazing on the Mac
  2. Select “Applications” for the iPhone connected to the Mac
  3. Select “Manage applications” in the lower tab
  4. Select “Library” on the Manage Applications screen
  5. Download the desired applications
  6. Right click on the downloaded application and export to IPA

Once the app has been exported to IPA format, all you have to do is double-click on the file, then it is installed and moved to the Applications folder just like any application on the Mac. It can be opened from Finder, from Launchpad or added directly to the base of macOS.

With information from 9to5Mac


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