How to take a screenshot with scroll

Nowadays, taking screenshots is a fundamental tool for all work. They are used as proof of payment, legal evidence in a trial, annexes for university theses, even as the memory of a good game. But how to make a screenshot with scroll? It is so simple, that in a few minutes you will learn how to do scrolling screenshots both on Android, iOS and Windows.

Screenshots with vertical scrolling in Windows

First of all, if you use Chrome as your default browser on Windows, it will not be necessary to install any extension, since the program itself has a native functionality to make the screenshots with scroll, only that at the beginning it is hidden. To activate this feature you must access the developer tools. You have two options, use the F12 key or simultaneously press the keys control + shift + i.

A side panel will appear on the screen where we must locate the three points that indicate access to more options. We click it and then choose “Run command”.

Now we must navigate between the alternatives until we reach the area of ​​the screenshots, where we can select between “Capture screenshot”, “Capture node screenshot”, “Capture area screenshot” and “Capture full size screenshot«. The latter is what we need to capture the entire browser screen with scroll included. Clicking on the option will automatically download the photo to your PC downloads in PNG format.

Screenshots with scroll on Android and iOS

Xiaomi devices with Android 11 henceforth, they already have the option of capturing scrolling incorporated. To do this, we just have to take a normal capture, as if it were a photo. The device will then place a preview of the screenshot in the upper right corner with two additional options: “Scroll” and “Send”.

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By selecting “Scroll”, the device will automatically scroll everything that is on the screen at that moment. Once the capture is finished, you click on “Done” and you can store it in your gallery.

On other Android mobiles like Samsung Galaxy the process is very similar. We take the screenshot (usually by pressing the buttons power + volume down) and then in the lower area of ​​the screen, right where the capture is previewed, we will see 3 icons to move, edit or share the image. Click on the scroll button until the capture covers everything we want to record. That easy.

The same way, iPhone with iOS 13 they can enjoy the built-in functionality of scrolling snapshots. By taking the screenshot, we must immediately click on the preview and we will access an interface where we can select that the capture includes the entire page as well as make annotations, highlight text, create a pdf and save the image in the cloud. As you can see, all systems use more or less the same way of operating.

Third-party applications to take full screenshots

Another alternative is to use third party programs, which will definitely make your life easier …


For Windows You can use the program called PicPick for free, which in addition to allowing you to take scrolling captures, has additional options such as freehand captures, creating annotations, editing images and adding effects such as watermark, brightness and contrast, shadows and more.

Download PicPick from its official website


Designed to iOS, Picsew is a program that allows you to capture scrolling both vertically and horizontally. In addition, you can configure it so that all the captures you make are scrolled, in this way you save time, if it is a functionality that you use often. Additionally, you can add a watermark to your captures among other image editing options.

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And finally, Longshot for devices Android. For free, you can capture the screen with a scroll while preserving the quality of the images, in addition to being able to configure it in automatic, in case you want to take multiple captures without leaving the browser.

Thanks for staying until the end! If you know other methods or tools to take scrolling screenshots and want to share it with us, do not hesitate to visit the comments area.

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