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If you have the set of Apple Watch and iPhone, it has surely happened to you that you have answered a call on the clock screen and, when you realized that everyone around you was listening to what you were talking about, you wanted send it to the phone without much success.

And it is that, unless you have Airpods connected to the smartwatch, the normal thing is that the audio of the call is heard through the small speakers of the clock, so any hint of intimacy that you may expect is automatically lost. So before saying that “I hang up and call you back”, we are going to tell you how to quickly transfer that communication to the phone without wasting much time.

Two screen touches and voila

Although we have many other options to answer that incoming call, the simplest thing in case you have some Airpods is that you answer directly about them when you have them paired to the Apple Watch. Only in case you do not have them, it will be when that communication that appears on the clock will be answered in the style of Michael Knight by calling his car KITT.

How to transfer calls from the watch to the phone.

First of all it must be said that all These tasks of transmitting the call from one device to another will have to be carried out, preferably, before going off-hook. If so, you will see a screenshot like the one you have just above (on the left) where the huge green button appears and, on the right, another control with three horizontal dots. We played there.

We will go to another screen where, yes, the function we are looking for appears that is none other than “Go to iPhone”. That way, we’ll just have to catch the smartphone and answer there, forgetting about the clock. Now, as you can see, we will not only have the option to continue the call on the phone, but also a whole battery of predefined messages in case of not wanting to pick it up at that moment that will allow us to notify the other person that we are busy. .

Once we have answered the call on the Apple Watch, and we have not transferred it to the phone, we will have to conclude it there and, in case you don’t want anyone to hear what you are told, transfer the audio to a connected device, such as wireless headphones or Airpods themselves. We will achieve that, too, by clicking on the same button with three horizontal dots that you will see on the screen once that call has been accepted.


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