How to use Apple Arcade on Mac

The Apple Arcade service was first introduced by Apple in 2019 and has since become the gaming platform for users of Apple devices, not just iPhones or iPads, but also those with macOS computers.

In fact, the multiplatform service includes its use on Mac computers and also on Apple TV devices in order to enjoy all the realism of video games on a big screen.

Currently, you can request a subscription to Apple Arcade individually, or take advantage of the joint subscription modality offered by Apple with what it has called Apple One. how to sign up for Apple One, plans and prices.

How to sign up for Apple Arcade from your Mac

If you are not yet a subscriber to Apple Arcade, you can subscribe through the Mac App Store if you are using your Mac. To subscribe, simply click on the Mac App Store application on your computer and then choose ‘Arcade’ in the toolbar. side.

Click ‘Try Free’ and follow the instructions displayed to enjoy the service for free for a period of time. You will be signed in with your Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can create one during the setup process.

Apple Arcade en Mac

What games are available on the Mac App Store?

As you can imagine, not all Apple Arcade games are available for your Mac, although the vast majority are. In fact, new games and Apple Arcade content updates are added every week.

This is because many Apple Arcade games include controller support, so those that do have a controller icon on the Mac App Store product page are executable on your macOS computer.

Check our ranking from the best controllers for Apple Arcade with which you can play more comfortably with your iOS or macOS device.

If you want to find games of one type or another, it is possible to search and filter according to your tastes and preferences. If you choose ‘Arcade’ type, you can check by ‘Categories’, ‘Collections’, ‘Essential games’ with links to each current game.

Along with the title of each game, you will find information related to its publication date in the App Store, version, as well as everything related to the game’s developer company.

Do I need an internet connection to play Apple Arcade?

No, in a sense, as Apple offers the ability to play Apple Arcade games in mode offline As long as they are titles that you have previously downloaded to your Mac and are stored locally.

To do this, simply click on the ‘Launchpad’ icon in the Dock or use the Control Strip to open the ‘Launchpad’. Once here, you will see all the games that are part of your library installed in the ‘Mac Applications’ folder.

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Many Apple Arcade games are also compatible with Game Center. In Game Center it is possible to see the games that your friends play and what their achievements are in order to compete with them.

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