How UK companies can deal with Brexit (Dr. Ulrich Hoppe, Peter Decu, Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht) – Go Global! Bremen Business Talks

Today’s episode of the Go Global! Bremen Business Talks Podcast is dedicated to how UK-based companies that are doing business across the channel with the EU and with Germany in particular are dealing with Brexit.

There are a lot questions about this topic that entrepreneurs and business leaders are struggling with at the moment.

So we decided to check in with two gentlemen that are on the ground in London and who are there to help companies with all questions related to business and trade between the UK and Germany at these challenging times.

Dr. Ulrich Hoppe is the Director General of the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Peter Decu represents Bremeninvest in London. Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht is a well-known German entrepreneur in the global logistics industry.

Together with our host Boris Felgendreher they discuss the following topics:

  • The current mood among UK businesses and international businesses with subsidiaries in the UK doing business with EU

  • How companies are impacted

  • How investments and cross-border trade have been impacted between the UK and Germany

  • Different challenges of SMEs and large organizations

  • Examples of “red tape” and new customs formalities companies suddenly have to deal with

  • Differences in how different industries have been impacted

  • How companies are moving warehouses, production facilities and subsidiaries to Europe to service the European market

  • Pros and cons of moving operations to Europe that should be weighed

  • How Bremeninvest and the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce engage with UK companies to consult them on how to deal with Brexit-related issues

  • Why Bremen and Bremerhaven could be an attractive location for UK companies to consider setting up shop at

  • How COVID has complicated personal business relationships

  • What are Ulrich’s, Peter’s and Eduard’s predictions for the rest of the year regarding COVID and Brexit?

  • What’s the perspective of an entrepreneur in logistics? How has Brexit impacted transport and logistics?

  • Bremen and Bremerhaven as places to do business compared to places like Rotterdam or Hamburg

  • Some concrete advice from a logistics entrepreneur

  • and more

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More information about the Bremen Chamber of Commerce:

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