How vaccinations are going in the world: China commands, EU countries are proceeding more slowly

Italy has 11 million administrations – Ansa /Courier TV

According to statistics updated to April 5 on the Our World in Data website, China is leading the vaccination race. Beijing administers over 4.5 million doses of the vaccine per day, followed by India and the US with over 3 million inoculations. The UK travels at a rate of 412,000 vaccinations per day (latest data as of April 4). Among the EU countries, Italy – in the first days of April – the average was 230-240 thousand people vaccinated every 24 hours. In France (the latest figure also on April 4) the doses administered are 278 thousand per day, in Germany (April 2) about 270 thousand. In the world there have been 677 million doses of vaccine administered, but in a very uneven manner. There have been countries that have immediately put the turbo by detaching others, such as Israel, and others that are still struggling. In absolute terms, the USA is the first, where 167 million doses have been administered. Followed by China (143 million), India (83 million) and the United Kingdom (37 million). In all, 81 million doses have been injected in the EU: Germany stands out (14 million), while Italy stands at 11 million. The most significant data for evaluating vaccination coverage, however, is the share of vaccinated in the population. This ranking is dominated by Israel which with its 10 million doses has given at least one to 61% of its citizens. The United Kingdom (46%), Chile (36%), the USA (32%) follow. The European Union is on average at 12.8%, the same share as Italy. Hungary stands out and has so far vaccinated 25% of the population. On the other hand, considering the total vaccinations, first and second doses, Israel (56%) is driving, followed by Chile (21%) and the USA (18%). The United Kingdom is at 8%, the European Union stops at 5.3% with Italy slightly above the average: at 5.8%.


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