How we can use our Apple Watch to take photos on our iPhone

One of the many advantages of the Apple Watch is the possibility of using it as a screen to use the camera of our iPhone remotely. We can see the frame, adjust the exposure and focus, set timers, activate or deactivate the flash and, when the moment is right, capture an image with a simple touch on our wrist. Let’s look at the options we have available and how to use them.

Photos, portraits, zoom, timers, focus and much more

All the steps that we want to do with the camera of our iPhone from the Apple Watch will be carried out in the Camera app that we will find on our watch. Keep in mind that the iPhone and Apple Watch need to be close enough to communicate, although the range should be at least 20 meters in open field. Let’s see how to take a photo from our Apple Watch, they are only two steps:

  1. We open the app Camera Control on our Apple Watch.
  2. We touch the central button.

That easy. After taking the image, we can touch the small thumbnail at the bottom left to see how it turned out and, if we consider it appropriate, repeat the shot after returning to the live viewer by touching To close.

In the viewer we also have several options available. One of them is the ability to touch anywhere on the screen to focus on that section. We can also switch between lenses (0.5x, 1x and 2x) as well as zoom by simply rotating the digital crown.

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Then, apart, we have the options menu that we access by touching the button in the form of three dots at the bottom right. Here we find the option to activate or deactivate a three-second timer; choose between camera Frontal O Rear; activate, deactivate the flash or set it to automatic; activate, deactivate Live Photo or set it to automatic; and enable or disable HDR mode.

Once we have configured the options we can simply return to the viewer by tapping OK and shoot the catch. And can I only take photos? The truth is that we can take videos, slow motion videos or TimeLapse and portraits. To do so, we simply change the mode on our iPhone, sliding to the right or left as we normally would. Once the mode we want to use is selected, we open the app on the Apple Watch and proceed to capture.

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