HSBC Makes 70% of British Call Center Employees Permanently Work from Home | Reuters

On April 7, financial giant HSBC is switching to a permanent telecommuting contract for more than 1200 call center employees in the UK. Taken at Canary Wharf in London, March 2016 (2021 Reuters / Reinhard Krause)

[London, 7th Reuters]-Financial giant HSBC is switching to permanent telecommuting contracts for more than 1200 call center employees in the UK. Since the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the work style reforms that the financial industry has been promoting to save costs can be said to be one of the most straightforward cases to date.

Approximately 70% of HSBC’s 1800 call center employees in England, Wales and Scotland have voluntarily opted to work from home, the UK’s largest union, Unite, told Reuters.

The mainstream in the financial industry is hybrid work that combines work and home work, and it is still rare for some employees like HSBC to work from home permanently.

A spokeswoman for the HSBC UK division said, “We are discussing with the employees of the Center for Retail Customers in the UK how much flexibility we can provide in terms of where we work while ensuring that our customers’ needs are met. Is still ongoing. “

Unite has offered that HSBC will provide employees with an annual surcharge of £ 300 ($ 414.75) to cover higher home heating and electricity bills when working from home permanently. He said he was.

Unite is generally willing to support HSBC’s efforts as respecting employee autonomy, but never forces other banks to work from home, leaving teleworkers feeling isolated. I requested that you provide appropriate support so that you would not be able to do so.


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