Huachocopihue Sector of Valdivia calls for greater security for robberies in Parque Londres | National

Support in security and audits requested by residents of the Huachocopihue de Valdivia sector due to the increase in thefts in homes and the existence of people who would be living in at least six tents inside London Park.

Radio Bío Bío went to the place and found that this ecological site has only one access, where there are no lights and there is no entry or exit control, so people can enter at any time.

The president of the Neighborhood Council No. 10 Huachocopihue, Nestor Berrocal, assured that the problem worsened three months ago and that they are concerned about the presence of tents, adding that by chance there have been robberies in the sector.

The leader expressed that to date they have registered about 12 burglaries in homes surrounding and close to Parque Londres.

However, he pointed out that they cannot blame the people who are camping, but believe that could have some direct relationship with the phenomenon.

Luis Rebolledo, a neighbor who has lived in the sector for two years and who has been affected by the robberies, declared that they have entered to rob some cabins he owns six times.

Berrocal told La Radio that this park has been “kidnapped” that and hope to recover the natural space for the benefit of the entire community.

In response to inquiries from our media about this case, the Valdivia Municipal Security Department indicated that the land is private, which makes any action impossible.

However, they argued that rounds are made in the sector and that one could act when there is a crime in flagrante delicto.

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Bío Bío in Valdivia tried to communicate with the city’s police, but there was no response.


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