Huelva adds 196 new cases of Covid awaiting the Board’s decision tomorrow

Since the Andalusian Government decreed the closure of all non-essential activities in Huelva and extended the curfew from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., the figures have not stopped worsening, except for a slight respite that occurred last weekend .

Today, Saturday, November 21, the data remain high despite a slight decrease that places infections below the figure of 200.

The Board’s Health Council raises the number of confirmed Covid cases to 8,573 since the pandemic began.

Specifically, 196 new infections in 24 hours. To which must be added two new hospitalized.

The death toll from coronavirus has grown considerably in Huelva in this time of semi-confinement. If on November 9 there were 80 deceased people, that figure rises to 99; although there is no regret for any death in the last 24 hours.

Tomorrow Sunday, the Board must decide what to do with the restrictions: if it increases, relieves or maintains them. With the data in hand, it is not surprising that the alarm, curfew and semi-confinement continue in Huelva.

Data in Andalusia

At Andalusian level, our autonomous community has recorded 14,547 positives confirmed by PCR and antigen tests since the pandemic began, where Granada repeats as the province with the most daily positives, followed by Seville, Cádiz and Málaga.

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