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Hugh Grant Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant (r.) At an election event accompanying Luciana Berger with the Liberal Democrats. Photo: David Mirzoeff / PA Wire / dpa

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Actor Hugh Grant intervenes: he is campaigning and considers the Prime Minister an "overrated rubber duck".

LONDON (AP) – Actor Hugh Grant ("Notting Hill") joins the British election campaign. The 59-year-old wants to animate in the highly competitive constituencies, the British for tactical voting, so the Brexit is perhaps still canceled.

On Sunday, actor Luciana Berger accompanied the EU-friendly Liberal Democrats in their constituency Finchley and Golders Green in northern London and rang the doorbells. Residents reacted in surprise when they saw the celebrity.

With regard to Brexit, many Britons have since changed their minds, Grant explained his action. In the coming days, Grant wants to accompany other candidates, including the Labor Party.

Grant is a harsh critic of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In late summer he had harshly criticized the head of government on Twitter: "You will not spoil the future of my children. You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather defended in two world wars, "Grant wrote. He compared Johnson with an over-estimated rubber duck and was disgusted by him.

The British elect a new parliament on 12th December. Johnson hopes to get more support for his Brexit class. So far, he leads a minority government.

According to surveys, the ruling conservatives are clearly ahead. But only those who have more votes in each of the 650 constituencies than any other competitor will get a seat in parliament. The winner clears everything in pure majority voting. Nationwide forecasts can easily go wrong, because the election could be decided in some contested constituencies.

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