Forty Humberside companies and organizations have submitted £ 36m of funding for breakthrough ideas to make the Humber economy a world leader in green industries.

State resources, known as the "Energy Mouth 2.0", are designed to finance the latest research and the world's leading Humber-based companies and drive clean energy innovation.

The University of Hull, which is behind the bid, said it would lead to a series of demonstration projects that would allow industry to test and test new technologies that could reduce harmful emissions.

If successful, it is claimed that the supply would create 2,000 jobs in the green industry and increase to over 10,000 jobs by 2030. It could also increase the overall size of the Humber economy by a quarter, as is likely the case with many of the jobs created attracting higher wages.

One of the ideas is the development of a £ 12 million localized energy station that can provide households and businesses more cost-effectively with heat, cooling and electricity, sharing energy instead of sourcing from the national grid. Others include a mobile machine that captures carbon emissions from the polluting industry and a range of clean fuels made from non-recyclable plastics and even wastewater.

The bid is to further enhance Humber's reputation as an "Energy Estuary" in the UK as it generates a quarter of UK energy, which now includes the world's largest offshore wind farm.

However, the Humber remains the UK's most polluted area, with many energy-intensive industries such as steelmaking, chemicals and oil refining located in the area still consuming much of the energy from fossil fuels to run their businesses.

The motion is filed with the UK's "Strength in Places Fund", which is responsible for over £ 7bn of research funding across the UK.

Dr. David Richards, Vice Chancellor of Research and Business at the University of Hull, said: "The region has made incredible progress in producing clean energy, which has already had a significant impact on the local economy.

"We have so much expertise at hand. Many of the major industries here want to innovate to be greener and more efficient. These include our world-leading research and technical capabilities throughout the University of Hull, including our Energy & Environment Institute and the Aura Innovation Center.

"Together, we want to continue the progress made so far and take full advantage of the opportunities available."