Hundreds of Deliveroo delivery men across UK strike against precariousness

Published on : 07/04/2021 – 23:03

After an extremely disappointing IPO last week, Deliveroo finalized the process on Wednesday April 7 by opening its title to small investors. But the food delivery platform faces the anger of the unions who criticize the precariousness induced by its business model. The day was thus marked by the strike of several hundred Deliveroo delivery people across the United Kingdom.

With our correspondent in London, Muriel Delcroix

Even though they were few in number, the striking Deliveroo delivery men clearly showed their dissatisfaction with the London Stock Exchange. Among them, 21-year-old Jake who has been cycling the streets of the capital for 3 years and who is worried about seeing his working conditions deteriorate from year to year: ” There are obviously good days, but there are also bad days and that is not enough to guarantee me a minimum wage. I still wonder if I’ll be able to make ends meet. »

At his side, Merlin, a member of the British self-employed workers’ union, goes on to say that some delivery people sometimes earn less than 3 euros per hour. ” We have no minimum wage, no paid vacation, no sick pay, he laments. Deliveroo earns a lot of money thanks to us and we ask for better compensation, better recognition of our work … »

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One of the worst stock market introductions

The trade unionist recalls that the platform made one of the worst stock market introductions ever seen in London, shunned by several heavyweights in finance: ” Many investors have indicated that they do not want to invest in Deliveroo because of its social practices and I hope that this will clearly push the platform to listen to us and evolve. »

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The delivery men also hope that Deliveroo will end up following the example of Uber, the American car reservation giant which was obliged to recognize in the United Kingdom the status of salaried workers to its drivers after a decision of the British Supreme Court. .

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