Hundreds of millions for Germany from Brussels against Brexit consequences

Germany can get more than 400 million euros from the European Union to mitigate the consequences of Brexit. The EU Commission pointed this out on Twitter on Wednesday. The money comes from a five billion euro fund for EU countries that are particularly affected by the UK’s exit from the EU.

Among other things, it should benefit fishermen. For example, short-time work benefits as well as retraining or training can be financed. The funds can also be used to ensure the new border, customs and goods controls.

The five billion euro reserve had already been agreed during the EU budget negotiations last summer. The aid depends on the “degree of economic integration” with the former EU member Great Britain, which had also left the EU internal market and the customs union at the turn of the year. Ireland alone could get around one billion euros, followed by the Netherlands with more than 700 million euros.

In order to get the money, the EU states have to apply for the money and prove a direct connection with Brexit. The EU Commission gives the sums in 2018 prices. Accordingly, the German share is 429.1 million euros. At current prices it is 455.4 million euros. Most of the money is to flow as an advance payment this year. (dpa)

Bild: Brexit Mural (Banksy) 03, source Wikimedia Commons


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