Hunt: Showdown, Super Mario 3D World und WoW

All got through the weekend well? Mine was fine, especially since there was not all bad news even from the Corona front (in Israel the BioNTech vaccine apparently prevented the virus from being passed on by almost 90 percent) and all of a sudden spring seemed to be here. At the Weser dike in Bremen, people were visibly stretching their legs in a good mood and for a moment it seemed as if normality was returning.

For those who like to play video games a lot, they do it almost every day, at least a little bit anyway – escape from reality in game worlds has seldom been as healthy as it has been in the past year – and so, of course, our editorial team has not played too tightly in the past few days. What we played in detail, you can read below …

Alex: Sure, how could it be otherwise? Of course I took myself back last weekend Hunt: Showdown in front of the chest, which is still not only Crytek’s best game, but probably also the most gripping and currently aesthetically original shooter of all, if it is supposed to be multiplayer. Nowhere is the pump more violent than here and has been for almost 1000 hours. This is and remains world-class caliber, as one is not used to from Germany and the number of Steam players, which has increased for the fifth month in a row, gives confidence for the future.

It wasn’t this weekend, but the week before. But it’s THE move in the match with lead designer Dennis Schwarz, who not only makes fantastic calls and hits them well, but also answered my questions about the future of Hunt Showdown. With this stealthy shooting down after a long, patient flanking, I paved the way for our escape.

It should have been one of the last sessions before patch 1.5 with a new ammunition system – including incendiary and poison ammunition – a fourth boss opponent and two new weapons with interesting implications for the meta clearly turned inside out, how this is played here. I’m really looking forward to it, even if it wasn’t so good for us on Saturday. On a good evening, I retire two or three hunters with level 25 or higher and thus climb the bloodline levels in double digits. But since I just didn’t get my shots and we were traveling as a duo, we got hit at least as often as we successfully evacuated. Anyway, things will be better next weekend! Maybe then already on the test server.

Even Suikoden I touched the PS Vita again and got stuck for a couple of hours. Still one of the most beautiful JRPGs that exudes a few Game of Thrones vibes mainly through its good characters and the dramatic plot. Millich Oppenheimer has already been defeated and I think I’ll stay on the ball. Oh, and about Devolvers Loop Hero you will hear a few very, very warm words from me in the course of the week. If you want to have a say then, I refer to them again Loop Hero Demo on Steam. It is worth it!

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It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a lot of fun: Loop Hero.

Benjamin: Most of my Saturday was dominated by Pokémon Go and its latest ticket event, which lasted all day. So big deal. And it was worth it. I was able to catch a ton of colorful Pokémon, including some that I haven’t had before. Combined with an evening walk in the best weather to soak up a little sunshine and fresh air – and at some point you have to move outside of your own four walls in Corona times.

Aged well!

There was less time for gaming on Sunday. I brought my NES, SNES, PSone and Game Boy, among other things, into the new apartment, then got a few more successes in Star Wars Squadrons and Mars Horizons on the Xbox and we played a few more levels in Super Mario 3D Worldwhere they are very close to 100 percent. And hey, none this time Valhalla on the weekend that I’m still not through. Will it ever end? I’ll tell you in a month. Maybe.

Melanie: Do you remember the last time I said I was missing the good old team ranked time? Well, this weekend I came closer to this team feeling than I have in a long time, because four friends and I have registered for the clash tournament. A small, insignificant competition that every few weeks gives players the opportunity to League of Legends To finally play the way it is sensible and intended: as a full team. In a group of eight others, we fought our way to first place with more or less effort and received a small symbolic trophy for our profile.

With a coordinated pick-and-ban phase and a “shot caller” who sets the tactics with good announcements and makes quick decisions, the game loses its usual frustration and gains a lot of motivation. In our group there were really different levels of difficulty. From “the Malphite just ultimate someone and only one” and “the iron Jarvan analyzes the situation precisely and at the most inopportune moment jumps under our tower and dies (surprised Pikachu is surprised)” to a platinum Ezreal who every skill shot meets and an incredibly good Janna, who gives him tailwind, every team skill was there. Against the weaker opponents on the first day I unpacked one of my favorite picks and competed with my Carries with Brand in terms of damage.


On the second day the opponents were a bit tougher. So what am i doing? Play Brand again! Why should I give up a working system too? Unfortunately, the good opponents ALWAYS gathered on the botlane on this accursed day and my blazing fire from the previous day was just a little matchstick on Sunday. In the last game I had to break with tradition and picked Lux. My dear Lulu was snatched from under my nose by the opposing support. In the end we won anyway. There couldn’t be a better way to end the weekend.

Judith: Little Judith is not always the quick kind when it comes to games, because I am currently discovering two titles that everyone already knows with growing enthusiasm. Firstly, for my birthday I got the ultimate anarcho game against the stuffy establishment: There is hardly anything better than a lazy Saturday / Sunday afternoon Untitled Goose Game – in my case on the switch. The perfect care for your own glee, to give boring small town citizens the heat – what do they think of when they want to enjoy a relaxed afternoon? Some just want to see the world burn and in that case it’s a goose: “HONK!”

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My second “discovery” was even more overdue: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I’m actually enjoying it for the first time in amazement and tweeting about it as enthusiastically as if I’d unearthed an insider tip. It’s just an unknown indie title * cough *. The first two Witcher parts didn’t really pick me up with angular fights, macho airs and plague-or-cholera decisions. For me, Wild Hunt totally keeps what they all promise: An exciting world, interesting characters, fantastic soundtrack and tension in every main and side quest … if you turn a blind eye to a few dark fantasy clichés. The whole thing on the Xbox Series and the fast travel becomes a teleport. I’m just sad that the Witcher world is full of cats, but unfortunately they don’t like witchers – caressing cute kitties with Geralt, that would be the icing on the cake! Oh, by the way: How about a game of Gwent?

Martin: What did I play like that? Rogue Heroes, right, even very extensive! I’ll say a few more sentences about this shortly, because it’s a very, very nice rogue. And I thought that after Hades I would have had enough for now, but the “Zelda – A Link to the Past” look attracted me and after a somewhat hard grind at first I couldn’t resist the temptation of good dungeon runs and upgrades . Rogue Heroes is a great example of a title that is a little tough to sell. It doesn’t look particularly exciting, starts out a bit tough, but gradually you learn to appreciate its polish and qualities. Especially when you play with friends, it’s a real little pearl.


Above all, I love the upper world, which, like its visual role model, lures with the fact that you can already see where it’s going, but that you just don’t have the tools yet. But then, when the dungeon has been defeated and you proudly return to the obstacle, you feel like royalty! I’ll spend a little longer with this one. And then I have a round Soul Calibur dared on the Dreamcast. Actually, I just wanted to see if the console was running, but it turned out to be three hours. Still one of the best of its kind.

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Rogue Heroes on Steam

Rogue Heroes im Nintendo Shop

Mother: It’s not a good weekend if you don’t work through hours of play, make fantasy worlds more beautiful than your own living room and show more management than in the real to-do lists. At least that’s how I felt for the last two days. Between a move and warm spring days, there was only time to unpack the switch and go for the train Grindstonewhen I wait for my pizza at my favorite Italian restaurant because it’s overrun again. I can never complain about Grindstone, it’s just fun to walk the longest stretches through a few cute monsters and then enjoy watching them being dismantled. Sometimes diamonds fall out of them, sometimes their innards. They are colorful and cute, not gross. It’s just so calming and it’s easy to forget that you’re waiting for something in the cold.

Alchemy, building and fighting fairies? My personal ‘Lo-Fi Games to Relax to.’

The switch title in the train is bigger (and more shameful). It’s the first part of the Atelier Ryza– Row, which I always put in the back because there was always an important, better, nicer game in between. I wanted it to be finished before the second part came out in January. Do you know that: You put the game that you enjoy the most on the back of the line because it’s always fun and you have to be “in the mood” for the other games? Since last summer I’ve been accompanying Ryza and her friends through the adventures of a fascinating world. The best thing about it is alchemy. I can craft whatever my heart desires. I can explore every area in peace and quiet, collect the most beautiful objects and then mix them together in my self-made garden shed. It’s a journey to the perfect childhood of exploration, exploration, and adventure. Unfortunately, after only half an hour on the train, I am torn out when my stop sounds. Well, you can not have everything.

Markus: Sunday is always raid day with the guild in World of Warcraft. After we had already checked Shrillwing, Xy’mox, Kael, Altimor and the starving destroyer on the first raid evening, the mystical fight against Lady Inerva Dunkelader was on the program. Since our first kill was not that long ago, the fight is still a bit chaotic with us … bottles not caught (filled anima), missed damage breakpoints, players who are being destroyed by rotating lasers, making uninterrupted adds and so on like to wipe or reset. After all, we still flexed the aunt with our usual raid tactics – stoic running against it until the boss falls – and were able to move on to the advice of the blood, which we are currently still grappling with.


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