Hurricane Delta could increase the waves on the beaches of Santa Marta

The The blows of Hurricane Delta could increase the swell on the beaches of Santa Marta
. Although no rains are registered, the strong winds awaken the alert among the authorities.

“We must take extreme security measures, all the personnel on board their vessels must wear life jackets and especially guarantee the functioning of their communications equipment, carrying out tests prior to sailing,” said Captain Jorge Torres, commander of Coast Guard of Santa Marta.

The authorities also forecast possible rains in the high areas of the Sierra Nevada, place where rivers are born.

“You have to be very attentive and we make some recommendations to bathers, both in the sea and in the rivers, be very attentive to the rising of these that can come with strong currents. Also, at all people residing on the river slopes“warned Captain Torres.

Likewise, the rains of the next 48 hours could cause problems in the hills.

“We are working on the slopes of hills, stabilizing the slope of these to avoid possible landslides as a result of the rains that we are facing. Also, in the urban area we are removing the sediment that can cause clogging in the box culvert”, explained Jorge Lizarro, director of the Santa Marta disaster prevention and care office.

If the tide rises sharply, the Maritime authorities would study the possibility of restricting the transit of small vessels in high sea.

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